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Tellurado Studio


Can you say chartcuterie?  An assortment of cheeses paired with Colorado made smoked sausages of bison or elk, smoked salmon and when we can get em, gourmet cornmeal crusted pizzas! Limited…tight…delightful!

Tellurado Studio

Limited / Special Editions available in 3 sizes

The dream train advances across the night sky, faithfully sending wayward dreamers back toward their stated intentions. The train’s conductor knows this journey well, for while many choose to dream, few choose to stay the course. When morning comes he’ll likely see his passengers go astray all over again. This, he knows. He’s seen it all before, as has the moon, whose momentary distraction will be just that. His thoughts are centered on a particular coyote, one he nicknamed “The Night Wanderer.” To the Moon, The Night Wanderer seems very different tonight. At last, he seems “Fulltented” – But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For many moons now The Night Wanderer has trekked through the Rockies. His only intended destination being wisdom, his only fear being coming up short of that destination. He chooses to wander alone and at night for the same reasons you and I might; namely, that the niggling naggings and platitudinous protestations so common in crowds and cities these days only made him more of a stranger to himself, making his destination ever more elusive. Even riding along on The Dream Train, with it’s optimistic vibe and hopeful chatter, proved to be too distracting for him. So, off went, a lone coyote on a lonely journey.

A mental hike is much like a physical one, in that having an efficient stride is essential. It was for this reason that he first began to ‘Pare Down’ his vocabulary by turning two, or even three, words into one. At first, the combinations were simple and obvious: Back and Forth became “Barth”; Climb and Descend became “Clescend”; Over and Over Again became simply “O’gain.” He both liked and disliked the effect this ‘Paring Down’ had, for while he enjoyed the open space he now had in his mind, he also noticed there was something missing. Something big.

He continued paring down words. Change and Opportunity became “Chapportunity”; Time, Effect, and Energy became “Tifforgy”; Peace, Calm, and Tranquility became “Pelmquility”; Kindness and Sincerity became “Kincerity”; Community and Home became “Comme”; and Contentment and Fullfillment became the word I used a variation of earlier, “Fulltentment.”

With these new tools, he pursued wisdom with increasing vigor. He spoke his thoughts aloud and with conviction as he hiked mile after mile through the darkness, his only audience the Moon, until one night when he finally reached his destination. He was leaving a town he’d spent a few of the best days of his life in, but as he ascended up, he stopped, looked back, and realized he was just too wise now to simply be on his way.

He knew he would never stop wandering completely, for after all, his travels had led him to himself, but neither would he ever truly leave that little town in the canyon, for it had filled the empty place inside him. At last, he’d arrived at his final destination: Wisdom. For those of us who’ve also traveled this trek and known this feeling, I’ll use the Night Wanderer’s words to say this:

May barth we go, clescending O’gain, to the comme we’ve found, wasting no chapportunity and expending whatever tifforgy required, to drink in the pelmquility and kincerity of the place that finds and fills what’s been missing inside us; a place The Night Wanderer predictably named, “TELLURADO.”


Limited / Special Editions available in 3 sizes

People assume that every daredevil considering whether or not to do something risky, has a shrill, maniacal voice inside their head screaming:
“DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!!”

That’s simply untrue. What there is, there inside our minds, is a series of consciously cognitive considerations where all the reasons NOT to do it are carefully considered, and when, and if, the last of those considerations has been satisfactorily put to rest, there emerges a blessed silence.

And there,
in the midst of that

blessed silence,
we commit, and we go.


Artist Proofs only - 2 left on the planet

Two coyotes light as a feather in the crisp evening air. We have but one wish: that time might slow and allow this wonderful moment to linger. Nothing more, just let it linger.

Bits of Saturday

Working Proof - Last one on the planet

“It was just another day, nothing special. I was just cruising along, being alive, feeling the weight, when all of a sudden – the weight was gone. I floated up in the air, my soul as light as a feather. Euphoria – out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Oh, how I love Saturday, and life being as it is, you’ve got to hold on tight to your bits of Saturday whenever they come, and on whatever day.”

The Gypsy Party

Extremely Hand Embellished Limited Edition - 2 left of the planet

“Saturday night, I was driving around (it’s my usual thing, as I was born to wander), when I turned off down a red dirt road and stumbled upon a party. There were lots of pretty people there, I must say, but no one like me. I decided to hang around anyway, and after a while, I realized I wasn’t alone, as no one there was like anyone else, either, from one to the next to the next to the next, the oddities and eccentricities flowed from them like water from a roof leak across the wide-plank floor boards of a restored maine farmhouse (but never mind that). There was no desire to make anyone think alike or believe alike or act alike, just a thick, syrupy gratitude for being given the chance to be among the knowingly alive, joy, sorrow, regret, optimism, love, heartbreak, silliness, seriousness, pain, pleasure – whatever – they were just glad they had been granted the miraculous opportunity to explore the contents of their minds and their hearts. Slowly but surely, the moon began to show his pleasant contenance above the fray, and as I took in that warm glow, I realized that for the first time in I-Can’t-remember-when, I felt at peace with myself and my world. These were my people, I decided, and I just knew right that very minute, that no matter how long the gaps in time might be between my evenings spent with them, I would never wander alone again. They would always be riding shotgun, if only in my heart. The party wound down, I kissed my goodbyes, and after a couple backward glances, I got in my car and drove off; my heart like an alligator. 

Life, my friends, is best when everything fits together because nothing is forced to.”

Dark Side of the Moon

Hand Embellished Limited / Special Editions available

“We were contentedly spending the evening riding along on the Gypsy Vagabonder, drinking a well – bruised but capable red in the restrained elegance of the dining car, when we spotted a sign for a town whose name we couldn’t even pronounce. Naturally, we disembarked. We had no idea where to go, but we soon found a hippie – gypsy cabbie who seemed perfect for our fare, as he said driving curbed his heartbreak and thus he’d happily go nowhere in particular. He agreed to let us stow our luggage inside the cab and ride along up on the luggage rack (our one demand). So off we went, destination unknown. As the sun went down, a cooling breeze set in. Soon, a tapestry of stars and a coating of Prussian blue began to weave their way into the fabric of the sky, and a big yellow moon found shelter in the welcoming confines of a village we were passing. I looked over, then I looked up, then I looked out, and then I looked at you; and I realized I would follow you anywhere. You are the walls that form my sanctuary, the light that softly sets upon my horizon, and the lusty mystery that fills my dusky nights. You are the reason I go and the first thing I want to see when I get there,

and I would follow you, my love to the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.”

The Throwback

Both the "Original" and Limited Editions Available

Woe is me, for I’m tragically out-of-step with the comfort-seeking, caution-worshipping times I live in. I fear I’m a YESTER-YORE THROWBACK to a time when wild weekly wreakings and menacing monthly manipulations forced the common to become sturdy, the sturdy to become the impressive, and the impressive to become the exceptional. Left with no other choice, they constructed the hearts and minds of lions within their unsuspecting frames. I LONG TO LIVE AS THEY DID, to live as the lion does and possess such courage that I perceive fear as being nothing more than a tool I sometimes find useful. 

I do not, and never will, find merit in the word “SOMEWHAT”. I will never embrace the numbing calm that comes with being ‘SOMEWHAT’ satisfied or ‘SOMEWHAT’ grateful or ‘SOMEWHAT’ in love. Whatever it is, I will be in it all the way to the hilt of the knife, or I won’t be in it at all. I will just be on my way, A SEEKER TRUE OF HEART.

Time is a thief who steals from us all, the only question being the worth of the plunder. May I see each day for what it is, a vast bounty left unguarded, and may I live them the poets’ way: face-first and desperate, frustrated and restless, mesmerized and regretless. And when I die, may I go falling away, thunderstruck and blinded by love; someone who, at long last, finally feels AT PEACE and in-step with the moment they find themselves in.”

Gypsy Vagabonder

Hand Embellished Special Edition available

Watch the moon rise in her eyes aboard the Gypsy Vagabonder

Mother Earth is calling you. She wants to seduce you. She wants to lift her veil and shed her concealments, to show you all her hidden treasures and confess all her best-kept secrets. She wants to take you as her lover, so surrender to her will and just go.”

Deaf Ear

Limited Edition available

“In this world full of jaded, pessimistic, souls spouting reasons why you can’t, why you shouldn’t, why you musn’t, why you won’t; I am easily defined. I am one great big, tailor-made, purpose built, expert approved, custom-designed, finely-tuned, cutting-edge, high-performance, state-of-the-art, DEAF EAR.

Lucky Kind - Harvest moon edition

Artist Proof #2/2 - Last one on the planet

“What kind of fool seeks out the kind of love that is everlasting when he knows very well the tenuous nature of his own beating heart?


What kind of fool turns a blind eye to reason and falls in love so deeply he’s not so much weak in the knees as he has melted away the joints entirely?

I’ll tell you what kind:


Tangled up in Blue

“When I was young, even a tiny sip of whiskey was too rough – edged for my tender tastes, and Bob Dylan’s music seemed to be much the same. Over time, though, as my wandering ways took root, an edge formed inside ME, an edge I was glad to have whenever my heartbreak grew so big I became “Tangled up in Blue”. And now, even in my darkest depths, you’ll see a faint smile on my face, for I know a certain Dylan song and a sip or three of HEAVEN’S DOOR, can always take the hard – earned, well-deserved, bought-and-paid-for, EDGE, off of me.”

Another Day in the Life

“Another day in the life, my sweet, and it seems fate has offered us our usual dose of unexpected challenges. Our path never quite seems easy, but when I gaze upon your lovely smile, think about the grace that is your way, and hear the wisdoms you speak into my eager ears; I know I’ll be fine.



Representing the local distillery, brewery and winery, I say, I say you must belly up for our Famous “Smoke Em if You Got Em”, an Oakwood Smoked Old Fashioned. Twill set you free. Though limited by size, certainly enough options of beer, wine and martinis to please juuuust about everybody. Also…lots of buzz on the street about Telluride’s best “Flatliner” as well. Mmmmm Hmmmm!


A cozy refuge offering up the Fine Art of the “Coyote Series”, cool outdoor provisions and it’s already famous Oakwood Smoked “Old Fashioned”. A place to hideout, hang your hat and throw back a late afternoon or evening libation while slowly taking in the tales of reckless footloose souls, crazy romance and the philosophy by artist Markus Pierson. 

Markus Pierson

Markus Pierson

The Artist

The Coyote Series, inspired by the Joni Mitchell song Coyote, was created by Michigan native Markus Pierson in 1986. Markus is much more than just the creator; after 36 years he has become the muse and inspiration for thousands of dreamers, adventurers and romancers. And not necessarily in that order.

After a near-fatal bout with Crohn’s Disease, Markus dove in hard, painting billboards by day for a living and working into the night on his “Coyotes.” To the wall above his desk he taped these words, “No one works this hard and this smart – and has it come to nothing.” Within a year, he walked out of Artexpo in NYC with commitments from 110 art galleries across the country.

Today you could find Markus spending time with his wife Sher and their 4 dogs at the “Optimism Farm” in Maine. Painting, writing or a brisk workout on his motocross track, his days are happy and his “Cup of Gratitude” full.

Mitch Schwenke

The Proprietor

Owner, operator, bartender, cook and chief bottle washer, Mitch, the Viceroy of all the worlds dreamers, had been dreaming of setting up shop in this gorgeous ol’ mining town for several years. Those dreams and the bountiful journey to get here became reality in the fall of 2020. Chances are you’ll catch him in shorts, a ballcap and his Harley parked out front but don’t let that fool you. As a four-decade restaurateur by trade, he has just enough experience to be dangerous and pull this off … or pull the wool over your eyes. He also owns the Blue Coyote Supper Club in Ft. Myers, Fl. going on 21 years.

Alex Avedikian

The Utility Player

What happens when you toss 3 parts designer, one part shady bartender and a smidgeon of bathroom attendant in a gunny sack? Well that would be Alex … aka “Alvin.” When he’s not humping at his Graphic Design and Web firm in Minneapolis or shoeing some old horse on his farm in southern Minnesota, ya might find him torching a “Smokey” at the bar, tightening up the next piece of “Swag” or cursing the aptly named POS system at the studio. He doesn’t grace us with his presence nearly enough, but when he does you have two choices … either run for the hills or tighten up your laces for the wild ride. Let it go Baby!

Chris and Sarah

Mixologists and Host Extraordinaires

Chris and Sarah, hailing from complete opposite corners of the Universe, vastly different brain washings and a tad bit o’ contrast in lifetime throwdowns, offer up watered-down libations, a few white lies and plenty of verbal abuse. Naaah, just jivin! A pair of the towns best… twisting up country club pours, sneaky inside Telluride knowledge and smiles from ear to ear. Are ya here yet?